Place of Birth
Cairo, Egypt
Date of Birth
15th June 2005
39kg / 85.9803 pounds
175cm / 61.4173 inch

My Skills

Passing Accuracy
Dribbling Skills

About Us

More than 4 years experience in organizing tournaments and organizing events with a high level of professionalism in various fields, departments and target groups gives them:


A Rich Portfolio Of His Matches Histories With A Supportive Profile


About His Matches / Goals / Soccer Stats

  • Clubs History With Its States
  • AHLY (2018-2020) 28 Matches / 20 Goals

Our Services


We Provide a Professional Social Network For Players To Marketing Themselves


Connecting Players With Each Other With A Real States Provided By Coaches And Other High Level Players


Hiring Players Will Be Easier Where There Sates Are Available With Authenticated Videos For those Players

Fun Tournaments

Fun Tournaments To Provide Players With Low Skills To Play , Improve , Comunicate and Rise Up

Prize Tournaments

This Is The First Way To Play Professional With A Prizing Tournaments That Provide Teams/Players High Level Of Competitive Environment

Club Tournaments

This Is The Road To Be Rock Star Players A Tournaments With Another Club To Compete With Your Team

Packaging the Player

For a player to be attractive to a club, a sport marketing expert would quickly want to package the player. First, he takes the player to a better academy or amateur club where his talent and skills can be improved.

Promoting and Procuring Trials

Promoting and Procuring Trials for the player: A Sport marketing expert is always in connection with Agents, Scouts, Club managers and can easily promote a player under his agency.


A sport marketing Agency knows what it takes to make a player attractive to fans, increase the player's commercial value. The Agency help their player create and build a personal brand that remain positive in the mind of fans, officials, club management and the corporate world.

which has primarily focused on football reservation service, enables Players to play football in the reserved playgrounds and communicate with nearby football fans. There is a high demand for reserving playgrounds around the nation every-single-day. However, almost all of these reservations are made through a cumbersome process of calling the sports centers and discussing the timing and making sure you have enough players to be able to play


Give The Ability To Reserve A Playgrounds With You Friends Our Sharing With New Players

Sport Center

Provide Them Free System To Manage Thier Playgrounds And Gain Money

Organizing events and tournaments with different target groups.


Our Mission

Supporting talents, especially sports, and aims to upgrade the level of services provided, link modern methods in sports fields, and digitize outputs to reach the best results through an advanced social networking site and a platform for organizing and managing tournaments that brings together and helps them build their network of relationships for those interested in the field of football And design a competitive environment for them and develop their professional career by increasing the skills and information of the players